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Arthroscopic surgery is the process of using an instrument called an arthroscope for examination of internal structure of the joints . This procedure is very short can be used in outpatient setting so that the patient can return home on the same day. This surgical procedure is used for the treatment of many non inflammatory, inflammatory and infectious types of arthritis also for several types of injuries inside the joint.

Arthroscopic techniques uses the insertion of an arthroscope which is a small tube with optical fibers and lenses that penetrate through the skin into the joint. A video camera is attached with an arthroscope. Television monitor can be used for viewing the interior portion of joint. Arthroscopy size varies with the size of joint.

Various locations for arthroscopy

  • Hip arthritis – hip arthroscopy can be used to treat hip disorders . Also it is performed for the removal of cartilage from hip region.
  • Wrist-wrist arthroscopy can be used for treatment of the wrist joints. It is a complex structure having ligaments connecting 8 small bones.
  • Ankle-cartilage damages can be treated to prevent onset of arthritis. It also helps to reduce pain and swellings.
  • Knee arthritis – knee arthroscopy can be performed for injured areas of the joints.

Advantages of arthroscopic surgery

  • The joint need not be opened fully.
  • Recovery time can be easily reduced.
  • Increases the surgical success rates
  • Arthroscopic examination can be possibly done for almost every joint portions.

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