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Bilateral Knee replacement

Bilateral Knee replacement surgery means that both knees are replaced.Patients who have severe Knee arthritis in both knee are good candidates to undergo bilateral total knee replacement.There are two type of bilateral knee replacement surgery.

Simultaneous Bilateral Knee replacement

This procedure can be done for both knees at the same day.

Staged Bilateral Knee Replacement

A staged procedure means that the knees are both replaced, but not on the same day.The second surgery may be performed as early as several days after the initial surgery or several weeks or months later.

Who should consider bilateral Knee replacement?

Patients who have severe crippling arthritis in both knee which has not responded to other conservative modalities, may be candidates for bilateral knee replacement surgery.

What are the risks of a simultaneous bilateral knee replacement?

There are concerns about performing a simultaneous knee replacement because it is a longer surgery and is more demanding on the body. Because of this, patients who have cardiovascular problem, pulmonary disease are obese or are over the age of 80 are often advised against a simultaneous knee replacement procedure. Another disadvantage of the simultaneous knee replacement is that the early rehabilitation can be more difficult as patients do not have “ good leg” to work with.

What are the benefits of a bilateral knee replacement ?

The benefit of simultaneous knee replacement is that both problem are taken care of at one time.The overall rehabilitation time is shorter and there is only one hospitalization.Patients require only one anesthesia thus saving costs to the patient.Joint and bone solution in new Delhi have good background of hip and knee replacement surgeries.

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