Bipolar (Partial) Hip Replacement

As only a part of the hip joint is replaced in this procedure, it is known as the partial hip replacement. If the prostheses used for partial hip replacement is a single piece with the femur ball on a stem which can be inserted into thigh bone, it is known as the unipolar hip replacement. But if the prosthesis used consists of a ball and socket joint it is known as the bipolar hip replacement. Bipolar hip replacement is done as a first step to the total hip replacement surgery. To install new ball and socket arrangements, the incisions are made in such a way that the cut to the muscles can be limited to the minimum. It also helps the recovery to be faster.

The type of hip replacement suitable for a person is decided by considering many factors like the damages caused to the hip joint, age and activity level of the person etc. It has also to be born in mind that the recovery period in some hip replacement methods may be lesser and the succeeding period of some type of hip replacements may be longer. Considering all the above factors your surgeon will suggest the best method that can be adapted for you.


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