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Facts About Joint Replacement

As one grows older, joint stiffness and pain is experienced. Have you ever thought as to why these problems occur? It’s because joint deterioration occurs with increasing age and the soft cushioning cartilage in the joint degrades. This causes the bones to rub against each other leading to wearing of joint bones. Well, old age is not the only factor that plays a role in joint deterioration. Lifestyle factors like obesity, high impact sports or complete lack of exercise also affect the joints. When it comes to treatment, oral medications and local joint injections are the initial choices, failing which, joint arthroscopy and joint replacement can treat severely damaged joints. So here's a brief description about joint replacement surgery.

What is the joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a procedure in which some parts of the damaged joint are replaced with a plastic, metal or ceramic device called a prosthesis. The prosthesis helps in restoring the smooth painless movement of the joints. The most common joint replacements are done for the hip and knee. Joint replacement is also performed on wrists, elbows, ankle, shoulder etc.

Surgical procedure

The surgery takes a few hours to be performed. The damaged bone and cartilage is removed from the joint and is replaced with a prosthesis which is fabricated in the shape of the joint. Prosthesis enables flexible and easy movements of the joint.

Post Surgery

The speed of recovery may vary from person to person. Your doctor might ask you to use the new joint shortly after the surgery. Do follow this advice because it enables a speedy recovery. As the surrounding muscles have been inactive for a while, a temporary pain can be experienced for a few months. The tissues take some time to heal and adjust to the new joints.

Exercise is a key component for fast recovery. Your doctor will instruct you to follow some specific exercises that will strengthen the joints and facilitate smooth movement.

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