Customized Total Knee Replacement

Total replacement of the knee is a very popular surgical method which has helped many persons to come out of severe knee problems including osteoarthritis. The drawback is that occasionally the knee used for replacement is made not according to the requirement of each individual, but is a standard one to be used by every person. This can be dissatisfactory for some people who complain about it being either too small or hurting or not matching. But advancement of technology in this field has paved way for the preparation of custom-made knee joints which are exactly fitting and without any of the so-called complaints as stated above.

In custom designed knee replacement, techniques like MRI scanning and 3D imaging are made use of to understand the correct anatomy of the patient. The process for customized knee replacement starts a few weeks in advance by first taking an MRI scan of the patient's knee which needs to be replaced. With the help of specialized software, the MRI scan report is converted to a 3D model of the virtual knee. This 3D image is corrected to match to the original knee of the patient without arthritis. Now using precision cutting tools and guides the artificial knee exactly matching to the unaffected knee of the patient is prepared.

This is the most state of the art technology and the customized knee replacement surgery is not carried out in many hospitals in India. So if you intend to undergo this surgery consult with our surgeon immediately and fix an appointment so that you will be able to avail the benefits of this procedure without much waiting.



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