HiFlex Knee Replacement - Total Knee Arthroplasty

After a total knee replacement it is often found that patients are able to rotate their knee only from 120 to 135 degrees. This degree is a measurement of the extent up to which the knee can be bent backwards. This rotation capacity up to 120 to 135 degrees is enough for carrying out routine activities like standing, sitting, walking etc. But for carrying out activities like squatting, dancing, running, taking part in sports and other activities involving rapid and powerful movements of the leg, you should have a flexibility of about 155 degrees.

If you want to have high flexibility for your knee, you will have to undergo a surgery named hiflex knee replacement by which the knee gains the ability to bend up to 155 degrees. High flexibility to knee joint can be achieved by undergoing an additional surgery with proper selection of implants which includes options for rotating platforms. The expertise of the surgeon who performs the surgery and the keenness with which the patient is vigorously practicing physiotherapy are also important factors which have a very significant role in making the hiflex knee replacement surgery a success.


For whom this surgery is suited:

  1. This procedure is applicable only to patients with osteoarthritis. For rheumatic arthritis patients this surgery can be done only if the bone destruction is minimal.
  2. For patients who are not obese.
  3. For patients who have a pre operative knee bending of minimum 90 degrees.
  4. High flexion knee replacement is a blessing to people with osteoarthritis who are not satisfied by relief from pain and disability, but also want to lead a normal life with activities like running, squatting, taking part in sports activities, dancing etc.


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