High quality Swiss ‘AO’ systems to provide the best fracture fixation

AO foundation is a voluntary organization without profit motive founded by five orthopedic surgeons in Switzerland in the year 1958, with an intention to promote and standardize the procedures and treatments for fracture management. It also intends to prescribe and provide state of the art procedure and instruments for care to patients with injuries or damages to locomotor system. Locomotor system is a group of organs in human beings which gives human beingHigh-quality-SwissAOs the ability to move. Locomotor system consists of the skeletal system and the muscular system. AO is the short form of a phrase in German “ Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen which means Association for the Study of Internal Fixation.

 We endeavor to treat all fractures as per recommendations of AO principles and many patients have benefitted from our techniques of fracture reconstruction including minimally invasive fracture reconstruction procedures


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