Hip Arthritis - Hip Pain

Hip is a stable joint in human body which consists of the ball end of the femur bone moving in the socket in the pelvic bone. Ball end of the femur is called femoral head and the socket in the pelvis is called acetabulum. Synovial fluid is the fluid contained in the hip joint which gives lubrication to the joint and nourishes the cartilage. If the soft tissues or tendons of the hip joint are over-strained you may feel pain in hip joint. Depending upon the severity of the damage your pain may increase.You feel pain in your groins and even in your knee which can be the signs of severe damage to your hip joint. If you experience persistent pain ever after the use of pain killers and self help exercises, then it is better that you consult your orthopedic surgeon.

Doctor will question you and try to understand the cause and severity of the pain experienced by you and CT scans, X-rays, MRI scans will be made use of in his attempt to find the reasons for your hip pain. The cause for the occurrence of osteoarthritis is not yet understood by medical science.

But it is believed that over-strain of your hip joint, unsettled problems of the fractures which had occurred previously and damages of hip joint caused in accidents or sports activities etc can lead to hip arthritis.

            Illustration showing the arthritis of the hip joint on a white background

Anti inflammatory drugs and steroid injections are found to be useful in reducing the pain due to hip problems. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are two other methods used for the treatment of hip joint problems. But for severe hip arthritis hip replacement surgeries are the only reliable solution.


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