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For International Patients

International Patient Care Services

Each year, Joint and Bone Solutions receives thousands of patients from all over the world. For all those patients who trust our clinic and come to us for treatment of their problems, we have a special International Patient Services team to provide them with a seamless care and also cater to the unique needs of each patient. Our team understands that the need for each international patient is different and so we work together to give you a personalized experience in every aspect of your treatment.



At first, there will be a general enquiry from our side. Then you will be getting a medical opinion from the professionals at our clinic via teleconsultation. Once that is over, we will offer you assistance with your visa. Everything from booking tickets to receiving you on arrival will be taken care of. Before the surgery, you will get a consultation session with the surgeon. The surgery that is best suited for your condition will be done. There will be enough time for the recuperation of the patient. Several follow-up procedures will be done.If your health permits, then we can also arrange for some local sightseeing.



  • Your old medical records so that the doctor can understand your medical history.
  • Passport and visa to arrive in our country.
  • You will also be required to carry the quotation and the treatment plan suggested to you based upon the teleconsultation.
  • Passport size photographs are mandatory.

Facilities provided

One of the major fears that every international patient has is that whether they will get the services they are looking for. So, in order to clear out all your queries, our team will arrange for teleconsultation so that you can stay assured that your visit will not go in vain. In that session of teleconsultation, you will be made aware of the various doctors that work with us and the treatments and services that we provide so that you have a complete insight on our way of work.

We will also offer our complete assistance in arranging for a visa for your hassle-free arrival.

Each patient will be looked after by a specific relationship manager who will be responsible for taking care of all your needs. No matter what hospital administrative process you will have to undertake, your relationship manager will help you through it all.

We also offer complimentary airport transfers both to and fro from the hospital.

Our International Concierge Desk will help you in getting the proper guest houses or hotels for the duration of your stay.

You do not need to worry about the mode of payment. We accept both cash and credit cards and even wire transfer.

If you are worried about the language difference then you can stay assured about that because we have interpreters who will help you out in that matter.

If you are interested in some local tourism and sightseeing then our International Concierge Desk will arrange for it so that your stay can be joyous.

Our team of international caregivers will help you throughout the procedure and will serve as your point of contact with us. Since we perform a variety of services for our international patients, they can be free to concentrate only on the treatment and not worry about other things.



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