Knee arthritis ( Knee Pain )

In knee osteoarthritis the knee cartilage slowly wears away. In this type of arthritis the protective cartilage over the bone at the knee joint wears away. Wearing of the cartilage results in the exposure of the bone. Swelling and severe pain are the results of this exposure of bone.

Treatment: Arthritis is a disease which does not have one simple and proven cure. There are so many ways of treatment which can be used on patients based on their stage of the disease. So you have to discuss your problem in detail with your physician and decide the most suitable treatment method for you.

Weight loss: It has been found that reducing your weight will definitely help you to reduce the pain in the knee affected by arthritis.

 Exercise: Doing exercise in the proper way will help to reduce the pain in your joint. It will also help you to improve the condition of your knee joint and slowly make you a person who can move around freely. Pilats, a system of exercises has become very helpful in controlling the pain of the knee arthritis. Swimming and cycling are also suitable exercises for knee arthritis.

Some people think that a damp weather can cause increase in the pain due to arthritis. Swelling found in the knee of an arthritic patient can be due to the formation of bone spurs or additional fluids in the knee joint. In the morning when you wake up after some hours of inactivity the swelling would have increased. It is found that these swellings are not curable by over the counter medicines. The obstruction in the knee may increase and you may find it very difficult to bend or straighten your knee.

Total knee replacement surgery is a single procedure which has been found to be extremely successful in solving your knee arthritis problem for ever. But your surgeon will suggest this procedure only after making a detailed study about your problem and only after simpler methods like medication, weight reduction, exercising etc do not produce any fruitful results.


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