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Get Relief from Your Knee Joint Pain

I used to reach the fifth floor by choosing staircase every day but it has become really difficult nowadays because of this Knee Pain. It is the common thing we listen today from most of the people ranging from middle aged to old because of multiple reasons like changing lifestyle, improper food habits and much more. If this knee pain is at an early stage, it can be cured by taking suitable medicine and following certain knee exercises. But what if the knee pain is severe and intolerable?

 This is the time when doctors suggest you for a Knee Replacement Surgery. In general, this surgery is suggested only if the patients are unable to get relief from knee pain using medicines or by any other treatments. This procedure involves the reduction of arthritis pain. In general, knee pain is mainly caused due to wear and tear, arthritis-like joint diseases, fractures during accidents etc.

Knee Replacement Surgery

If you find severe pain in knee point during walking and some other symptoms like swelling, reduction in mobility, stiffness and tenderness in the joints, dislocation of joints, infrequent crunching noises from joints, then you should definitely consult a doctor for treatment. Examining your pain, if the doctor suggests you for a knee replacement surgery, go for it.

Knee Replacement Surgery involves in process of removing damaged cartilage and bone from knee joint surface and replacing them with artificial surfaces of plastic and metal. In partial knee replacement surgery, the doctor will replace only a small part of the knee joint. While in total knee replacement surgery, total knee part is replaced.

What can you expect after Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery sometimes causes blood clots, scarring and in rare cases infection. So it is advised to every patient undergoing a knee replacement surgery that they should take care of their knee by performing certain exercises and avoiding a certain type of food in order to avoid indulging in unnecessary infections. These are some benefits of knee replacement surgery listed out here.

    • Fast recovery.
    • Reduction of pain completely to the core.
    • Affordable operation cost.
    • Improves mobility.

There are many knee and joint hospitals knee replacement surgeons across India but Joint and Bone Solutions, Delhi, is one of the best hospitals for knee replacement surgery. Dr. Biren Nadkarni is the best knee replacement surgeon in New Delhi offering treatment for orthopedic problems.



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