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PCL Reconstruction Forgot About Your Knee Pain.

What is PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)?

PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) is the strongest ligament of the knee portion. The function of PCL is to avoid posterior translation of the knee at difficult knee flexion angles. PCL problems include the problem in going downstairs, the problem in general twisting, deceleration, and turning and spinning activities.


Where is PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) situated?

PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) in the knee. The knee is a hinge joint where the femur bone is attached to the tibia bone. It is a crucial joint and held together with the help of four joint, these four joints are responsible for joint bones with one another. These four ligaments are:

  • anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • medial collateral ligament (MCL)
  • lateral collateral ligament (LCL)
  • posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)

What are the symptoms of PCL injuries?

    The symptoms includes:
  • Severe posterior knee pain
  • Instability in standing for a long time
  • Delicate or asymptomatic stage in isolated PCL injuries


How many types of PCL injuries are?

    PCL injuries are divided into several categories according to the level of injury in the functional ligament. They are:
  • Grade 1 PCL sprain: partial PCL tear
  • Grade 2 PCL tear: close to complete PCL tear
  • Grade 3 PCL tear: a full PCL tear results in a non-functional ligament

What are the treatment options for PCL injuries?

There are surgical or non-surgical both options are available for PCL injuries. The treatment options are


  • Protected weight bearing and rehab
  • Immobilization for 4 weeks


  • PCL repairing of the bony avulsion fractures or reconstruction
  • High tibial osteotomy
  • Arthroscopic transtibial technique
  • Open surgery (tibial inlay)
  • Single bundle technique
  • Double-bundle technique

What are the postoperative cares in PCL reconstruction?

    The postoperative cares in PCL reconstruction includes
  • Always use prone position for early motion
  • Avoid early mobilization
  • Always protect against gravity
  • Always focuses on quadriceps rehabilitation
  • Always avoid restricted strengthening exercises

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