PCL Reconstruction

The posterior cruciate ligament, (PCL), is one of the strongest ligaments located inside the knee joint. Injuries to the posterior cruciate ligament can occur in several ways, including a hard blow to the shinbone or falling down on a bent knee.


PCL Tear Treatment in delhi

PCL reconstruction procedure basically requires a graft. The most common method involves grafting the damaged PCL with segments of the hamstring tendons. If the surgical process requires the reconstruction of multiple ligaments at one time, different graft materials may be used. PCL reconstruction process is normally done in one of the following techniques:

Arthroscopic procedure – It is the most prevalent method of reconstruction surgery for posterior cruciate ligament construction. During this procedure, an arthroscope is inserted into your joint through a small cut in the skin. The arthroscope is provided with a light source and a video camera attached to it. Images captured by the camera can watch on a video monitor. These magnified pictures provide a clear picture and the physician can analyse the problem inside the joint. The surgeon makes a few more incisions to allow entry of thin surgical instruments to insert a graft and repair the damaged ligament. The procedure usually is performed in the outpatient setting and normally takes about two hours.

Open knee posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction – If the injuries are more serious then the patient may need to undergo an open surgery. When compared to arthroscopic procedure, open surgery has more risks and longer recovery time. Even so, it will take into account the appropriate handling of the injury to ensure recovery to normal use.



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