Revision Knee Replacement

Joint replacement is a very common and the most successful surgery which has saved millions of people from severe pain and osteoarthritis. In USA about 6, 50,000 successful knee replacements have taken place in the year 2010. It has been found that the replaced knee functions successfully for about 10 to 20 years. After this period the artificial knee needs to be replaced. Obesity and participating in activities like sports, dancing and involvement in accidents etc are some of the reasons which expedite the revision of knee replacement. Statistical study conducted in this matter has revealed that knee revision replacement necessitated after 10 years of surgery is found to be 12 %.

Infections occurring at the time of knee replacements, failure of the implant components and trauma are some of the reasons that contribute to short term knee revisions. Simply feeling pain or restrictions experienced in the movement of legs are not sufficient reasons for revision knee replacement. Your surgeon will study your case and ascertain the causes for the difficulties experienced and the probable solutions. X-ray images and other imaging technologies like scanning and MRI will be made use of. If you have a swelling around your knee joint, the liquid collected from the joint will be sent for examination. After studying all these matters in detail your surgeon will decide whether knee replacement is necessary or not.

Knee replacement surgery consists of two parts. In the first, the damaged knee part is removed. Synthetic spacer filled with antibiotics and other medicines for the swelling of the joint are now placed. During the second part which is carried out about 6 weeks after the first part, the new implants are inserted and the procedure is completed.



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