Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Ever increasing number of motor vehicles and the speed and recklessness of the modern man are the main causes of accidents that occur frequently. But accidents that cause severe injuries are a calamity that man may face sometime in his life.

Overturning of a vehicle while negotiating a sharp curve causing crushing of the vehicle, a driver trapped under the overturned vehicle, a machinists hand crushed inside the toothed wheels of his machine, a bomb blast in a market killing a few people and crushing the limbs of some others are the news we hear daily. Hearing of such news and viewing the pictures and videos of such an incident itself is very painful. Then what will be the trauma and hardships of the persons who are victims of such incidence.

       Trauma & fracture Surgery

Giving the best available medical attention on the accident spot without any delay is the only thing that we can do for the unlucky victims of the accidents. Managing a wound or a bone fracture is not a very difficult task. All surgeons will be able to achieve this based on their knowledge and experience gained through practice for several years. But when the fracture is complicated and the trauma is severe, the involvement of a trauma care specialist is warranted. The following types of fracture and trauma will be highly benefited by the treatment and care of a trauma care specialist :

  1. Fractures occurring at the upper and lower ends of long bones
  2. Fractures occurring at pelvic and acetabular regions
  3. Injuries caused in high energy collisions and by piercing objects
  4. Non union fractures
  5. Injuries that required bone fixations
  6. Injuries with segmented bones and soft tissue damages

Trauma care is a very fast growing medical department which must be equipped with latest equipments and with the best surgeons and round the clock service desk with facilities like ambulance van, blood bank, security personal and dedicated nursing care.


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