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Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is the same:


Any inflammatory disease specialist will indicate that osteoarthritis and Rhuematoid arthritis square measure 2 kinds of arthritis. Osteo Arthritis is that the commonest sort. Its conjointly called chronic joint unwellness or wear-and-tear inflammatory disease. It may be caused by the overuse of joints, by fleshiness, or among different contributors. Atrophic arthritis or Rhuematoid Arthritis, on the opposite hand, may be a chronic, inflammatory style of inflammatory disease. It associates autoimmune disorder that involves multiple joints.

Arthritis Sufferers do Not Exercise:

People with arthritis disease, even those with degenerative joint disease of the knees, ought to exercise often to scale back pain and strengthen muscles around joints. Not solely can applicable activities decrease your degenerative joint disease pain, they’ll improve vary of motion, function, and scale back in capacity. Regular activity helps you win, so maintain you a healthy weight. Therefore obtain recommendation from your Arthritis specialist and keep activities low impact. Therefore skip the marathon and choose instead for biking, walking, and aquatic activities.

Osteo Arthritis happens to everyone :

Degenerative Arthritis isn’t a traditional part of the aging method, however the danger of developing it will increase with age. You’ll lower your risk by maintaining a healthy weight, workout frequently, and resting any exercise induced injuries. There are many factors thought to extend the danger of developing the condition as well as genetic science and having a joint injury within the past, particularly if it had been overused before it had been given enough time to heal.

It affects only the old:

whereas the danger of arthritis will increase with age, it will have an effect on people of all ages. Overall it affects 13.9% of adults aged twenty five and 33.6% of these are sixty five and higher than. Also, young women with unhealthy footwear selections are at the best risk. Loosely fitted trainers and high heels will alter the bodys posture and increase pressure on the foot, articulation plana and knee joints, increasing the danger of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is not hereditary:

Chances of obtaining OA area unit bigger if each folks have Osteo Arthritis, notably if they need the condition in their knees. Ladies area unit a lot of seemingly to inherit OA, and among Asian populations, scientists have found a better hereditary link for hip OsteoA, as well. however as per clinical expertise of associate degree inflammatory disease doctor, over fifty p.c of cases of OA of the knee area unit owing to alternative factors like being overweight, lack of exercise, and knee injuries in childhood.

You can’t prevent osteoarthritis:

Except for some hereditary conditions, the foremost common causes of OA will purpose North American country toward a path of prevention: Obesity – for every kilogram increase in weight, the force across the knee will increase by a pair of -3 kilogram.

Overuse or injury – consistent with the inflammatory disease Foundation, athletes and folks whose jobs need repetitive motion area unit at a better risk high-intensity sports like running, that directly impact joints conjointly increase the chance of OA.

Muscle weakness – particularly weakness of the muscles close the knee (quadriceps) will raise your risks of injury and knee OA.

Other sorts of inflammatory disease and conditions, like arthritis, also can increase your probabilities of developing OA.

Need for a knee replacement depends upon how bad the knee looks on an X ray:

An X ray will show gristle loss and bone injury. However it associates , Arthritis doctor will clearly explain about giant distinction between abundant injury and the way much pain and stiffness patients feel. In general, arthritis doctors decide concerning surgery and relies on subjective factors in conjunction with X ray findings. Different factors which will figure into the choice embody your general condition, weight and bone health.

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