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Bring back the freshness of your life-Speedy recovery after Knee Replacement

   In the body, knee is the largest joint which has to be healthy to perform our daily activities. When we have severe knee pain or stiffness   that   limits   our   everyday   activities   like   walking,climbing stairs, moderate or severe knee pain even while resting, it shows the disability of the knee which is termed as arthritis.

What is a Knee Arthroscopy?

    It is  a surgical method that can identify and treat many joint problems, mostly in shoulder joints, elbow, and   knee joints. In this surgery, the surgeon will make a very small opening into the knee and insert a tiny camera, termed as an arthroscope. This let them examine the inside part of the joint on a screen. Through which,   the   surgeon   can   investigate   the   problem   and   correct   it using small instruments. The knee arthroscopy diagnoses many knee problems like torn meniscus, knee fractures, or kneecap problems and also joint ligaments. 

What is a Knee Replacement Surgery?

    The knee replacement surgery is also called knee arthroplasty. It is a surgical procedure to resurface the  knee, because only the surface of  the   bones is actually replaced which  are  damaged by arthritis.   Firstly,   the   damaged   cartilage   tissue   surfaces   are identified   and   removed.   Then,  the   metal   implants  were   inserted into   it   to   recreate   the   surface  

.of   the   joint.   These   are   then cemented into the bone. Then, the kneecap was cut and resurfaced with   a   plastic   button   to   end   up   the   bones   that   form   the   knee joint.This   surgical   procedure   is   recommended   for   people   with severe arthritis or a severe knee pain or injury. Considerations for surgery  can   be based on the  patient's pain and disability,and  not  on  the basis  of  age. Most   of  the  patients   who  undergo this knee replacement are in the age group of 50 and 80 years, but orthopaedic surgeons would suggest who needs what.

Speedy recovery after Knee Replacement

    With proper guidance and routine followup, the patient can lead a good   life   after   the   knee   replacement.   Here,   the   recovery   and rehabilitation   process   plays   a   vital   role   to   resume   an   active lifestyle.   On   the   day 1 after the surgery, a nurse or occupational therapist would do the dressing change, bathing and other things.   Physical   therapist   would   give   instructions   about how to proceed after the surgery. Initially, a  4-leg   walker is given; this assists the patient to walk better without much help from others. Doctors would advise to use the toilet instead of a bedpan. As one recover  from surgery, the activity level would gradually increase  with limited activities   for   a   period   of   6 weeks.   For   some,   this   may   take   a   little   longer.   After   such
period,   the   physical   therapist   would   suggest   to   try   to   walk longer, and avoid the walker whenever possible.So, with all these physical therapy activities and medicines, the patient   would   definitely   recover   faster   than   as   expected.Continuing and routine followup with the doctors would make the patient perfect within a year.

Knee Replacement surgeon in delhi

    In   India,   we   are   gifted   with   well   experienced   orthopedic specialists  and  hospitals,  especially,  in  Delhi,  we  have  Joint and Bone Solutions, which is headed by Dr. Biren Nadkarni, who is specialized  in minimally  invasive surgeries  and arthroscopy.  He has the proficiency in curing patients for the past 15 years with successful   results.   Here,   the   knee   replacements   were   done extremely well with excellent results for all age groups.

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