Effective Treatment for Osteoarthritis knee

Knee pain can be managed in various ways and is mainly caused due to sudden injury, arthritis or an overuse injury.

Intra-articular Injections include viscosupplementation/ PRP for relief of Knee pain.

PRP/ Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Knee Arthritis 

Pain in the knee can be minimized with the help of PRP Therapy. Here the treatment involves injecting the same blood from your body, concentrated platelets and other healing growth factors required for the knee. PRP injections are basicly for slow progression or worse conditions of osteoarthritis. Small amount of blood is taken and is purified and injected back to the site to be treated.

Viscosupplementation Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Non-surgical are opted for arthritis of knee in the early stages. Some of them include Changes in activity level, pain killers, weight loss, physical therapy, Injections to reduce pain. Other treatment options include viscosupplementation. This treatment is offered to patients who have tried out all the other non-surgical treatment. Here acid found in the synovial fluid surrounding the joints is injected into the knee joint. The bone cartilage is protected from destruction. The injection are injected to the joint which helps in reducing the pain and improve the motion rate of the joint.


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