Osteotomy for correcting mal-alignment of Knee

Bowed leg is a common mal-alignment of knee found in people in which the knee is bent like a bow as a result of osteoarthritis. Osteotomy is the procedure used for correcting the above mentioned difficulty found in young people. In this procedure the bone is cut to restore to its normal position. After keeping the bone in a more natural position, plates and screws are used to fix it in its new position.

This procedure is carried out on persons who are bow legged due to osteoarthritis in the medial part of the knee. This process is known as medial opening wedge osteotomy in which the position of the knee is adjusted so that weight is transmitted through outer part of the knee. This process is carried out on knock kneed persons also in whom the legs are corrected to a straighter position so that the transmission of body weight is shifted to medial side.

X-rays of the patients knee joints will be taken prior to the operation to decide the extent of corrections required to be done. This surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia. Injection to control the pain is given to femoral nerve block which will help to control the pain after surgery. For the patient to start moving after the first day of surgery, the braces in which the knee is placed will be removed by the surgeon. The drain which has been connected to the knee will also be removed by the surgeon. Patient can start moving from the next day of the surgery. For at least six weeks the patient will be moving on crutches by which time the wounds would have healed. After discharge, the patient will be required to visit the surgeon for check up after six weeks and three months. The final meeting with the surgeon will be after one year. X-rays of the knee will be taken and examined on each occasion.

Although braces were removed by the physiotherapist for the initial exercises on the next day of the surgery itself, it is better to use them at least for two weeks during which period you practice walking. Exercise is necessary for improving your leg working capacity. By three weeks you will be able to walk properly and after six months time you will be able to run and participate in sports activities if you continuously and strenuously practice the exercises suggested by the physiotherapist.


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